Find out how to insure your wedding rings and jewelry with the right policy

Most homeowner insurance policies do not provide adequate coverage for your valuable personal possessions. Think of it this way, homeowners insurance is designed to cover you for major losses – losses that can put a strain on you and your family. Therefore, a homeowner policy has coverage limitations for high value items. Failure to properly insure your high-value items can leave you not only without your priceless possessions, but financially without money as well.

To insure your rings and jewelry in the right way, you need to use the right policy. Valuable personal property policies, also known as inland navigation policies, are designed to cover shortages of high-priced personal property (such as jewelry and wedding rings) that are evident in the typical homeowner or renter insurance policy. This is the policy you should use to cover your expensive items that will be covered on a general or scheduled basis. A “covered” policy means that you have a specific  amount of coverage that covers all of your expensive items. A “scheduled” policy means that you name and cover your items specifically for a specified amount. Generally, these policies do not have a deductible and cover your property at an agreed value. So, to cover your expensive wedding rings and jewelry, for example, in San Antonio TX, you need to:

Find out how to insure your wedding rings and jewelry with the right policy

Insure your expensive jewelry with a “scheduled” or “covered” value personal property policy

Don’t rely on your San Antonio homeowners insurance policy to cover these items or you will be very disappointed in the event of a loss.

Remember that an independent San Antonio insurance agent can easily find San Antonio wedding ring insurance.
If you have expensive jewelry or items that you are interested in protecting, you need to make sure they are properly insured. Contact your agent today and inquire about these policies. For the average policyholder, the cost of this policy is quite cheap and is definitely worth the premium in case of a loss.