Scientific Games Corporation joins the GLMS

In an effort to further safeguard the integrity of sportsbetting, American gaming machine and systems innovator, Scientific Games Corporation (SG) has announced that is has become an associate member of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS).

Scientific Games Corporation joins the GLMS

Pioneering move:

The Las Vegas-based firm used an official Friday press release (pdf) to detail that the move represents the first time a supplier of lottery sportsbetting products has joined the GLMS and means that it will now receive summaries of global alerts as well as educational and preventative tools and information.

As an associate member, SG stated that it is to moreover be given sponsorship and communication opportunities at events hosted and organized by the GLMS.

Lottery industry monitoring system:

Scientific described the GLMS as an industry-mutualized monitoring system that aims to detect and analyze suspicious sportsbetting activities in order to protect the integrity of sporting competitions. Established in 2015 by the World Lottery Association and the European Lotteries Association, the Lausanne-headquartered organization is comprised of 31 lotteries from 29 nations and works to stamp out corruption in sportsbetting as well as associated match-fixing threats.

Innovator ‘very impressed’ by recent growth:

Pat McHugh, Global Lottery Systems Senior Vice-President for SG, declared that he had been ‘very impressed by the strong growth of the GLMS over the past year’ and was now ‘honored’ to be able to support its work as an associate member.

McHugh’s statement read…

“The work of the GLMS both in the field of monitoring of betting patterns and in establishing a culture of integrity is outstanding. Scientific Games Corporation is fully aligned with this important global effort to safeguard the integrity of sportsbetting for lotteries.”

Union ‘further enhances’ protection efforts:

For his part, Ludovico Calvi, President for the GLMS, welcomed Scientific Games to the group’s network before proclaiming that its inclusion ‘further enhances our efforts to become a truly global sports integrity body.’

Calvi’s statement read…

“We warmly thank Scientific Games Corporation for this support in the massive fight against manipulations of sport competitions, which also shows its strong commitment to responsible and sustainable sportsbetting. We are looking forward to welcoming further associate members in the near future.”