The Unfair Sonic Unblocked Game

I have played the Unfair Sonic Unblocked Game for a long time. It is fun, but there are some things I don’t like about it. For example, if you get to the end of a stage and die, then you have to start all over again at the beginning of that same stage. The game should remember where you were before dying so that you can continue from where you left off. 

Also, sometimes when I try to go fast on one of those little moving platforms or something else in order to score more points without getting killed by an enemy or whatever else might be down there waiting for me – well let’s just say it doesn’t work out as planned because I’m not good enough yet. Maybe they could make it so that you can survive even though you are going fast on those moving platforms. Maybe you could even get bonus points for doing this?

I’d also like to see a little more variety in the gameplay. In other words, maybe they could make it so that you could do something different every once in a while rather than always going through those same mazes and trying to solve the same puzzles over and over again. Stage 11 is a good example of what I’m talking about. You should play that stage first before reading this part because then you’ll understand better what I mean.

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Okay well right at the beginning of stage 11, where Sonic has to turn on all the switches so that he can drop down onto one of those moving platforms – let’s just say it would be nice if they changed things up a little bit so that instead of having to run around turning on all the switches, 

he could jump onto a collapsing platform that will take him down to where the switch is and then another one would show up right after that so he can go back up again. Or something along those lines. That was the first unfair part about this stage, but there’s more!

And I’m not talking about those little guys trying to kill you as you’re going up the second half of it either! Those are actually really easy to avoid as long as you know what to expect from them –

 just run fast through them and they’ll fly over your head, behind Sonic rather than in front of him. It makes sense if you think about it too – just because a cannonball was shot off doesn’t mean it stopped moving completely. It probably still has some momentum even though the cannon is no longer launching it.

I think this one would fit better if you were running at Sonic’s speed

I’m not saying to justify his speed, by the way. If he were moving that fast then why are there cannons around at all? I don’t know how much time usually passes between rounds or what but wouldn’t things like these be replaced with other obstacles instead of just left to stop Sonic from getting past them?

We can assume they’re put there to make gameplay more interesting – maybe if this place was too easy then no one would bother playing since passing it completely would take nothing more than a boring walk through an empty stage. And so we get levels such as this one, which requires a little more thinking. 

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I remember when I was stuck on rounds 2-2 for an hour because I couldn’t figure out what to do. To avoid ruining fun like that, there are no real hints or clues to tell you how to get past the level.